The Project

20 Year Civil War
The people of Southern Sudan have been devistated by a civil war that has lasted for over 20 years. The infastuructue is gone. There are issues of starvation and hunger, access to clean water, sanitation, education as well as access to Christianity through teaching and churches. It is Jesus' call to the church to respond to these needs.

Through our relationship with the Sudanese congregation of Falls Community Church, we have decided to address the most important concern in Sudan, food security. In order to do this, we need to teach the people how to farm in such a way that they can increase yield in a process that does not rely on machinery. We have discovered such a system through an organization called Farming God's Way (FGW).

We have invited the designer of the FGW process , Craig Sorley, to come to Sudan and personally do the training for the people in Sudan. We have invited many villages, farmers and influential leaders to come and be a part of the FGW training. Even the leaders of the Western Equitoria state and leaders from the East Mundri county are coming to see, learn and implement this process. We have been told that Sudan TV will be there to document the training. It is our hope that this small effort will result in great assistance and food security for the whole area.

Craig Sorley's Book

The training will consist of two whole days of classroom training at the Primary School in Buagyi and will culminate in the building of two experimental plots at the farm location in Kalalayi. The class room training will be done through live teaching and DVD presentation of a real farm environment. It will be interesting to see how we can get a laptop, video projector and speakers to work in an area that has no electricity!

The best part about the FGW process is that it uses the Gospel to communicate how to farm. God is the designer of of the crop system and when we adhere to his natural laws, we will get great results. The benefit of this process is that it gives the glory to God when we get great results in the field. To get more of an understanding on this process, you can go to the FGW website or pick up a copy of Craig Sorley's book "Farming that Brings Glory to God and Hope to the Hungry".