Travel and Location

KLM Airbus A330-300
The team will leave from Sioux Falls on Wednesday, November 17th at 1:00 for St. Paul, MN. After a short layover we will board a large plane (Airbus A330-300) and head to Amsterdam. We really hoped we could stay there long enough to see the Ann Frank house but we will not arrive until 6:30 M on Thursday and we will need to fly out of Amsterdam a few hours later (10:30 AM) on our way to Nairobi, Africa.

Mayfield Guest House

We will finally arrive in Nairobi, Kenya at 8:30 PM and head for our first real sleep in 24 hrs at a mission house called the Mayfield Guest House. This will be the last refuge that resembles anything we might call "normal". But flying will not be done yet, we will need to leave early in the morning for the airport, one more time, for our flight into Sudan to a city named Juba.

Once we arrive in Juba, the travel fun begins. We will load onto some sort of 15 passenger vans and make the 82 mile drive down a washed out dirt road called the road to Mundri. It will take some time and we might just lose a tooth or two on the way but we will eventually come to the village of Buagyi. Buagyi where we will sleep and will be our base camp for the duration of our trip. The village (Kalalayi) where the actual experimental plot will be built is about 5 miles farther into the bush on a small two track road.

Sudan has been unofficially split into two sections, the North and the South. This January (2011) the South will vote to leave the North and become their own Country. We will be in the South. Sudan is broken up into states. The state we will be in is called the Western Equitoria State. Within states they have counties. We will be in the East Mundri County. Within counties there are Payams (groupings of villages) and we will be in the Wittoh Payam. Under the Payams are the villages and they are called Bomas. We will be in the Kalalayi Boma.