Friday, November 26, 2010

Bookstore in Mundri

Cheri found a bookstore in the market place in Mundri. There she found a Moru-English dictionary. Cheri has been our linguistic on the trip and has a lot of fun talking with the people in the village.

From the mobile handheld of Doug Bartel


  1. wow it looks like you are having a great time. I wait with great anticipation to hear stories of this mission trip. I love you honey, I miss you too.

  2. I miss you too Cheri!!! :) Probably not as much as Art, but almost! I hope you are well and having a great experience. I can't wait to hear it all. Stay safe...

  3. I am so blessed to see you take on this difficult task, YOU GO GIRL!

  4. You should keep that look when you come home! :) Love you mom, miss you and hope you are having a blessed experience!