Sunday, November 28, 2010

Guess what this is

This was an amazing treat for the team. The locals were very uninterested in it. Any guesses?

From the mobile handheld of Doug Bartel


  1. I think it is chocolate although I couldn't imagine the locals not be interested in that...

    God Bless,


  2. It's a brownie or a cupcake you found along the side of the road. Five second rule still applies in Sudan.

  3. Very similar to the brownies you make at home Doug. I usually prefer to have them served on a napkin as opposed to a piece of binder paper.

  4. My guess is, this is a sample of the pan of brownies you probably packed in the same back seat Ben was seen bouncing on the bumpy road to Kalalayi. While the presentation suffered, I bet they still tasted great!

  5. It's tree bark that you make some sort of tea out of that's naturally sweet.

  6. My second guess is aspirin.

  7. Tobacco...? No that's not right.
    Coffee Grounds? Now there is something you all might be missing about now.
    If you were Bear Grylls I would guess it's that specialy Monkey Poo that holds fermented coffee beans, Bear Grylls reall digs these types of finds.
    Please don't be like Bear. Please.