Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the bus to Kijabe.jpg

OK, so we got on the bus with James. He said he knew Patrick so we jumped in (dumb Americans). We are on our way on the wrong side of the road and James is driving from the passenger seat, weird! Traffic is good but people have no need for blinkers, just a horn. Without a horn in Nairobi, you're road kill!

I exchanged some US dollars at the airport for personal use. $100 US gets you over $8000 shillings, I'm rich! Wohoo!

For all of you following the blog, Deena's husband, Burke, does not feel comfortable commenting to Deena about his undying love for her unless she is mentioned in the blog post. Will you all please overlook Burks mushy comments even if she is not mentioned.

Comment away Burke!

From the mobile handheld of Doug Bartel

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my beloved, and long-lost, love, Deena. Now I can, once again, publicly profess my undying love for her and hope to one day be reunited. Oh, by the way hon, pray that the trial I'm auditioning for today is short. I really want to be at the airport.