Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weather in Sioux Falls

The team would like to know how much snow is on the ground and what the weather will be like when we land on Thursday evening.

By the way, happy December!

From the mobile handheld of Doug Bartel


  1. 25 to 27 degrees and not much snow


  2. Maye 3 inches of snow.........

  3. Around 1 to 3 inches and cold. Hopefully not as windy when you get here. I think warm coats will be in order. Excited to hear all of the stories. I bet you will all sleep well on the plane.

    Jim K

  4. Brother - if you were flying home to California, I could happily report no snow and a sunny 54 degrees and our nights are as cold as your days on the coldest of evenings.

    Mercy Travels to you and the team.

  5. Time, Condition, Wind Chill, Wind
    5 pm, 26ºF/Partly Cloudy, 19ºF, From NNE/6 mph
    6 pm, 24ºF/Partly Cloudy, 18ºF, From NE/5 mph
    7 pm, 22ºF/Partly Cloudy, 15ºF, From NE/5 mph
    9 pm, 20ºF/Partly Cloudy, 14ºF, From ENE/4 mph
    11 pm, 19ºF/Partly Cloudy, 13ºF, From ENE/4 mph

    Travel safe!

    Praying for smooth trip home,


  6. Darren's emails at work will take a much larger shovel than the snow will. :) Have a safe trip home!